Russ Krivor

Russ Krivor started DLC Residential in 2005 with his brother Igor. As early as 2004, Russ and his brother observed a growing demand for single-family homes in Miami, Florida.  This knowledge was quickly put to good use with the launch of DLC Residential, which began in Miami and quickly spread across the country. More than 12 years later, Russ and his brother continue to identify properties in locations that are thriving.

Today, as a partner with DLC Residential, Russ is focused on the development of real estate across the continental United States with a strong focus on the sunbelt states. With a keen eye for site selection, Russ and Igor personally visit and view every site before it is contracted for purchase to insure it is in line with their investment thesis. For over a decade, the Krivor brothers have focused on class-A multifamily investment properties in the hottest job-growth markets across the US.

Under the leadership of Russ and Igor, DLC Residential will continue to focus on creating tangible assets that produce steady cash flow for their investors. Multi-family investing has proven to provide stable, solid returns for investors of DLC Residential. Russ credits this success to his company’s focus on cities and suburbs with solid job growth, good schools, and strong infrastructure investments.

If you are an investor looking for real cash flow, visit The Krivor brothers look forward to providing you with the opportunity to expand your portfolio through incredible property investments.